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Representing Victims of Car Accidents in Philadelphia

Although being able to drive a car is one of the most convenient aspects of our everyday lives, it’s also one of the most dangerous things that we do on a daily basis. In fact, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for people under the age of 34, and it’s estimated that auto accidents cost the country around $230 billion per year in medical costs, insurance costs, and lost wages.

In Pennsylvania alone, there were 82,971 injuries caused by vehicles.

If you have experienced an injury in a motor vehicle accident, whether it be as the driver, a passenger, a pedestrian, a cyclist, or a motorcyclist, you have several options to recover the money for your pain and suffering and for money that you lost on medical bills, missed time at work, and any other losses that you may have experienced.

One of your best courses of action is filing a personal injury lawsuit against the party who injured you. However, you have other options as well. Let’s look at how this can play out.

What to do After A Car Accident

Shortly following your car accident, it’s likely that your emotions are running pretty high. You’re angry about your injury and having your car ruined, but it’s important that you don’t act on these feelings. If the other driver in the accident has insurance, it’s possible that you will be able to settle the matter without ever even going to court.

When should you contact a personal injury attorney? It’s important that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible following the accident. Take photographs of the cars involved and the accident scene including possible skid marks. Also, if possible, get contact information of any witnesses. Your lawyer will then reach out to the driver’s insurance company to begin the negotiation process. If it’s clear that the other party is at fault (witnesses, video, etc.), the insurance company may come to the table hoping to settle as soon as possible to avoid an expensive lawsuit.

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When You Can’t Settle

However, it’s possible that you will not be able to come to what you believe is a fair settlement with the insurance company. In that scenario, your insurance claim could turn into a personal injury lawsuit. Even if this happens with your case, it’s still possible that you may settle with the insurance company at any point during the lawsuit.

Finally, you may live in one of the dozen or so states that that have no-fault car insurance. If you find yourself in one of these states, you may not even be able to file a suit against the driver who was at fault unless you can find a loophole.

How an Attorney Can Help

If you do decide to move forward with the lawsuit, it’s in your best interest to turn your case over to an experienced attorney. Your attorney will be able to navigate the court’s requirements and paperwork that can trip people up. They will file the suit, put forth the proper allegations, and serve the defendant with lawsuit documentation to summon them to court. This isn’t even considering the complexity of navigating the litigation process itself. Contact us today if you have experienced an injury in a motor vehicle accident in Pennsylvania and would like to consult with an experienced attorney. We can show you your options and help you along the best path possible for your situation.

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