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While most people have heard of a class action lawsuit, fewer are aware of mass torts. Mass torts are similar to class actions in that numerous individuals who have suffered harm caused by a single entity can pursue compensation by bringing just one lawsuit against the liable party. However, unlike class actions, in which a single settlement or verdict is split amongst numerous plaintiffs, mass torts allow each individual to seek unique compensation. Mass torts are common in instances where one party causes widespread harm that does not have the same exact consequences for each affected individual. For example, if a pharmaceutical company manufactures and distributes a defective drug, some people may suffer severe side effects that require hospitalization while others may suffer some complications that can be addressed with outpatient care and still others may die as a result of taking the defective drug. Each of the people in this example have suffered a different degree of harm and should, therefore, be compensated accordingly.
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Common Mass Tort Lawsuits

Pharmaceutical and defective drug cases are one of the more common types of mass torts. However, any time a single entity is negligent or liable for causing serious, widespread harm—such as injuries, illnesses, or deaths—the affected parties may bring a mass tort claim.

Some of the most common types of mass torts involve:

Defective products, including pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, children’s toys, commercial tools and equipment, and more

Automotive defects, such as faulty automobile design, defective tires, flawed brakes, and airbag and seat belt defects

Exposure to harmful substances, such as asbestos, toxic chemicals, or dangerous agricultural products

Environmental exposure cases, in which people are exposed to things like contaminated groundwater/air, airborne chemicals, and more

Major disasters, including airplane crashes, cruise ship accidents, theme park accidents, and similar incidents

At the Shipon Law Associates, P.C., we have represented clients in all types of mass torts, including those involving medical devices, treatments, and drugs (such as lithium, interferon, chemotherapy, and more) that have led to disability. Our Philadelphia mass tort attorneys can help you, too.

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