“One of the best absolutely caring attorney/gentlemen I had the pleasure and blessing to meet”

“one of the best absolutely caring attorney/gentlemen i had the pleasure and blessing to meet i really believe cause he is so thorough and caring to me and he even took the time to give me other legal advice without hesitating thanks again i'm so glad to choose him out of all the others hope he is flourishing in business thanks again mrs a perfetti satisfied client”

- Ardell P.
“They're the best at what they do!”

“I went to Marc Shipon for help with my Social Security Disability Appeal. Marc reassured me that I had a good chance of winning my appeal and guided me every step of the way. He was very knowledgeable about the appeals process and kept me well informed as I waited for a decision. Things went so smoothly, that I won my appeal without having to appear in front of a judge. I'm very grateful to Marc and his kind, efficient office staff. They always got back to me in a timely manner and answered any questions I may have had. I recommend his firm for any pending legal matters you may have. They're the best at what they do!”

- Catherine M.
“A group of professionals with the client's best interest in hand! I highly recommend.”

“I spent weeks looking for a lawyer to take my case and many refused to take the case for one reason or another. I walked into Shipon Law Associates, P.C. and not only did they accept me as a client, but they also fought my case and won! I highly recommend this law firm. They took the time to listen and worked vigorously to get all the information needed to win a favorable court decision. A group of professionals with the client's best interest in hand!”

- Ismael C.
“Phenomenal! Highly recommended.”

“Phenomenal! Highly recommended. Compassionate, clear communication, precise legal language that layman can understand. Calmly, proficient, professional, proactive, and present! The entire staff was a winning team and I felt I could trust them to treat me and my case with the utmost care and they did! Thank you for your dedicated commitment and communication!”

- Millie T.
“Very happy with the results.”

“The team at Shipon Law Associates, P.C. are not only personable but experienced. They explain each step of the process in a way that is easy to understand. They are thorough and dependable. Very happy with the results. Don't hesitate to contact this law office. Well worth it!”

- Terri F.
“Shipon Law Associates, P.C.”

“I would highly recommend to anyone. If I could give more stars I would. Very professional and a very caring team. Thank you for all that you do to help people that need it!”

- Kim
“I really felt comfortable with them handling my case.”

“I really felt comfortable with them handling my case. Confidently they spoke on my behalf securing me a win. This was my 2nd time applying for SSD and its a scary thing at my age. However I have been living in pain for more than 5 years not being able to work and provide for myself. Thanks”

- Ramona S.
Best lawyers ever

You guys are the best. You took my case when everyone said no and never gave up on me. I appreciate you all. We fought a long fight and we won. Thank you so much for sticking by me.

Thank You

I could not express verbally the gratitude i have for Lauren. Always responded to my calls and questions i could say professionally, but my struggle with my disability made everything feel personal. I was treated like i mattered. Not being able to provide for my family has been a horrible experience for me and thanks to Lauren taking a chance on me when many other lawyers wouldn't i can help provide for my Family again. From the bottom of my heart thank you Lauren. Mark thank you too you were always patient with my 100 questions and very knowledgeable as well. Thank you again.

- Kevin

This law firm changed my mind about giving up and got me a favorable decision. I was feeling hopeless and loss after i lost my job and became disabled after a work related accident. Shipon law got me through a very difficult time in my life and i was compensated appropriately thanks to their witty representation. Laura was extremely aggressive during my hearing with the judge and got every point that needed to be heard across in a very firm manner. Thank you guys dearly 🙏this is the Law firm if you want positive results!

- Poland

Lauren is awesome. She takes my calls or returns my calls immediately. She took the time to explain things that I did not understand no matter how many times I called. She won my case in which I was originally denied. She had patience due to my poor memory. She always assured me that I will be ok during my court appearance. I felt like the load was off my back and on hers. Mark, I got to know later. He was nice and patiently answered all my questions and answered all my calls. I would recommend anyone. They are awesome. I won!

- Shaveena H.
“Highly recommend their team!”

“They were a huge help in my brothers SSI case, patient and very responsive to all my questions! Highly recommend their team!”

- Sue S.
“Will refer everyone I know that need help to them.”

“Great attorneys. They let you know every detail about the case. They follow up after the case is over to make sure you understand everything. Just great all around. Will refer everyone I know that need help to them.”

- Steven S.
“Great attorneys! The outcome was fantastic.”

“Great attorneys! They helped me with my case throughout my long journey. The outcome was fantastic. Also, the staff was very nice.”

- Brooklyn K.
“Mark and Lauren are the BEST!!!”

“Great people, calls are promptly returned, and I never have a question go unanswered. Mark and Lauren are the BEST!!!”

- Sharon J.
“I love the communication and expeditious response I have always gotten from you guys.”

“I love the communication and expeditious response I have always gotten from you guys. I have never worried about my case while you guys have been working on it. Ruch and Shipon are the bomb.”

- Anita J.
“Shipon Law Associates, P.C., I would recommend over and over again.”

“Shipon Law Associates, P.C., I would recommend over and over again. I was lost in so many forms. They help me to win my disability case. Thank you so much.”

- Sol S.

This law firm just got my disability approved and I filed in July 2021!!!!!! Marc Shipon and his firm are all extremely efficient and beyond helpful. I thought this process would take years, but with Marc’s help I was approved in 6 MONTHS!! I am still in shock! I already referred him to one of my best friends who will be reaching out to him any day now. I highly recommend Shipon law firm, because thanks to them I can resume my life with financial stability!

- Shirley Shirley
One of the best offices you can go to in Philadelphia area for any social security case

Marc Benjamin Shipon office is one of the best offices you can go to in Philadelphia area for any social security case problems.

- Miriam
Winning team of Lawyers

Mr shipon is a winner He helped me to file my disability case and we won without a hitch.His staff is very caring and polite.If you need a winning team I recommend this law firm You will be glad you did

- Bettyann

Highly recommend.. answered all my questions..quick call backs very professional

- Juanita
On your side, from beginning and beyond settlement.

Top quality experience in their field as well as top quality support from all the team. They literally took hold on my case and eased my mind, that I was in good hands. Letting you know that they care for you and your well being beyond settlements.

- Jose

I would recommend this firm to anyone looking for a friendly, efficient & knowledgeable experience. I was nervous about hiring a lawyer, cause I had never had to use one. They explained the process step by step very clearly. They were very easy to contact & returned my calls in a timely manner. They were always familiar with my case & wasted no time answering my questions. The experience was fantastic. Plus, they courteously waved some expensive for me. I hope you find this review helpful.

- Karen

Shipon Law Associates Law Firm helped me with my case and worked diligently and efficiently with my case. I didn’t think I would win my case because I was always denied. Even with a lawyer I thought maybe Social Security would find a reason to deny me. I finally won my case after being denied so many times. The Attorney was very helpful with my questions and responded quickly with any calls or concerns I’ve had. He even waived fees for me. I would recommend this Law Firm with no hesitation. I humbly appreciate this Law Firm for assisting me with my case. Thank you so very much.

- Chonte’ Bridges-Sane

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