Common Types of Auto Defects / Crashworthiness Cases

An auto manufacturer must design and manufacture its product with the understanding that auto accidents occur, and that the vehicle must be safe after the initial collision, so as to prevent catastrophic injuries. “Crashworthiness” is the usual term relating to the protection that a vehicle provides to the driver and the passengers in a car accident. 

Rollovers/Roof Crush Injuries

Auto defects in SUVs and 15-passenger vans make them prone to dangerous rollovers due to their high centers of gravity and narrow wheel bases. If there is a defect in the frame of the roof, it prevents the vehicle from being strong enough to withstand the weight of the vehicle causing it to collapse and severely injure occupants.

Child Safety Seat Failure

Defects such as inappropriate belt geometry, insufficient padding, flammable materials, & incomprehensible installation instructions, can cause total safety seat failure as well as contribute to catastrophic head, neck & chest injuries to children.

Tire Failures/Incorrect Tire Placement

Tires with belts that are misaligned during the building process can cause the tires to fail (delaminate or “detread”) years before the tire is taken out of service. Tires that are older than 7 years are prone to detread and neither tire nor auto manufacturers warn about this danger. Also when two tires are replaced on a vehicle, it is important to place the newest tires in the rear of the vehicle. Vehicles with new front tires and worn rear tires are more likely to hydroplane on wet roadways.

Defective Airbags 

Defects in the electronic control unit that deploys the airbag can cause the airbag to fail to deploy or deploy late resulting in a failure to shield the occupant from injuries. Additionally, some defects can cause the airbag to deploy with so much force that the airbag itself inflicts catastrophic injuries. 

Seatback Failure 

When involved in a rear collision, the seat provides the primary restraint. Defects in the design of seats in modern vehicles can cause them to collapse during rear collisions when the striking vehicle is travelling more than 25 mph. Drivers and passengers can be paralyzed and children in the back seat can be killed. 

Seat Belt Failure 

Defective seat belts can fail to properly restrain occupants or cause additional injuries in auto accidents. Common defects include: lap- belt-only design, weak belts, non-locking harnesses, and malfunctioning latches, retractors, & anchors. 

Defective Ignition Switches in GM Vehicles

A defect in ignition switches can cause the vehicle to uncontrollably switch to “accessory” mode which shuts down the engine and causes the vehicle to lose power, even when driving. This loss of power also results in the airbag not deploying and has been linked to serious accidents and several deaths. 

*See our list online of vehicles named in the recall. 

Latch Failures 

Any time a door or liftgate opens during a crash, there is a heightened risk of an occupant being ejected and catastrophically injured. This can be the result of a defect in the latching mechanism.

Fuel System Fires 

The fuel system of vehicles must be manufactured in a way that they can withstand a serious accident and not have fuel leak and cause a serious and uncontrollable fire, burning and killing accident victims. 

Traumatic Brain/Head Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIS) result from a severe blow to the head or penetration of the skull that permanently disrupts brain function. Victims may be unable to move, eat, speak or even breathe without assistance. Therefore, a brain injury often requires ongoing therapy and other treatments, as well as specialized living assistance. Any accident that causes head trauma or skull fracture may result in a traumatic brain injury. 

Birth Injuries/Cerebral Palsy

Common birth injuries like cerebral palsy are almost always entirely preventable with proper monitoring and medical care during birth. These injuries usually result when doctors, nurses or other medical staff are negligent in providing care. Birth injuries are particularly tragic because they seriously impact the rest of the child’s life. 

Traumatic Amputation or Loss of Limb

Traumatic amputations occur when an object impacts or pinches a limb with enough force to sever it partially or completely. Products might be poorly designed without adequate safety considerations built in or fail to operate properly, causing an amputation injury. Sometimes injuries such as: crush injuries, burn injuries, or lacerations are so severe that amputation becomes necessary 

Spinal Cord Injuries 

Spinal cord injuries result from direct trauma to the spine. An impact of sufficient force can cause the vertebrae of the spine to fracture or become dislocated. When this happens, the nerves of the spinal cord, which are essential to movement of the limbs, can sustain damage. Complete spinal cord injury results in a total loss of motor function below the site of the damage. Incomplete spinal cord injury, on the other hand, results in limited movement and sensation below the injury site.

Wrongful Death 

“Wrongful death” is any fatality that results from another person’s negligence, wrongful act or illegal violence. When someone dies due to the legal fault of another person, a private company, manufacturer or government agency, the victim’s survivors may be able to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the liable party or parties. 

Severe Burn Injuries 

Burn injury victims may require multiple surgeries, skin grafts and other painful and costly burn injury treatments. Burn injuries can also have lasting effects such as disfiguring scars and bring more prone to infections. The most catastrophic of all burn injuries are third degree burns because they cause damage to the muscle tissue perves and possibly even hone.

Navigating Social Security Disability with Shipon Law Associates: A Beacon for Multiple Sclerosis Warriors

Navigating Social Security Disability with Shipon Law Associates

Living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a daily challenge, and for some, the impact on their ability to work can be profound. Shipon Law Associates stands as a stalwart ally for individuals grappling with MS, offering specialized assistance in navigating the complex terrain of Social Security Disability claims.

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis and Its Challenges

Multiple Sclerosis is an unpredictable and often debilitating autoimmune condition affecting the central nervous system. Its symptoms can range from fatigue and difficulty walking to cognitive impairment, making it challenging for individuals to maintain regular employment.

Shipon Law Associates: Advocates for MS Warriors

Shipon Law Associates specializes in disability law and has demonstrated expertise in representing individuals with MS in their Social Security Disability cases. The firm understands the unique struggles faced by those with MS and tailors its approach to address the specific challenges associated with this condition.

No Fee Until We Win: A Commitment to Clients

Shipon Law Associates recognizes the financial strain that often accompanies disability. To alleviate this burden, the firm operates on a “No Fee Until We Win” basis. This means that clients can seek expert legal representation without worrying about upfront costs, ensuring access to justice for those who need it most.

National Representation: Bringing Justice Wherever You Are

The reach of Shipon Law Associates extends beyond geographical boundaries. Individuals with MS seeking Social Security Disability assistance can benefit from the firm’s national representation. The legal team is equipped to advocate for clients nationwide, offering the same level of dedication and expertise, regardless of location.

The Shipon Advantage

What sets Shipon Law Associates apart is not just their legal prowess but also their compassionate approach. The team understands the intricacies of MS and collaborates closely with clients to build a strong case that accurately reflects the impact of the condition on their ability to work.

How Shipon Law Associates Can Help

1. Thorough Case Evaluation: Shipon Law Associates conducts a detailed assessment of each case, taking into account the unique challenges posed by MS.
2. Expert Legal Representation: The firm leverages its expertise in disability law to build a compelling case, highlighting the specific limitations imposed by MS on the individual’s ability to work.
3. National Advocacy: Shipon Law Associates extends its services nationwide, ensuring that individuals with MS, regardless of location, can access top-tier legal representation.
4. No Fee Until We Win: Clients can pursue their case without financial stress, as Shipon Law Associates operates on a contingency fee basis – no fees are charged until a favorable outcome is achieved.

In conclusion, Shipon Law Associates emerges as a beacon of hope for individuals with MS seeking Social Security Disability benefits. With a commitment to justice, national representation, and a compassionate approach, the firm stands ready to champion the rights of those whose lives have been impacted by Multiple Sclerosis.

Maximizing Benefits: Birth Injury Compensation for Your Child

cerebral palsy in the ICU

Fighting for Justice and Support: Birth Injuries, Disability Benefits, and Medical Malpractice

At Shipon Law Associates, we understand the immense challenges families face when their child experiences birth injuries. Whether it’s cerebral palsy, Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE), neonatal brain injury, brachial plexus injuries, intracranial hemorrhage, or related conditions, we are here to provide legal guidance and support throughout the entire process.

Securing Social Security Benefits

Birth injuries can profoundly impact a child’s life, requiring substantial care and resources. We recognize the importance of accessing Social Security disability benefits, which can be a lifeline for families. Our experienced legal team will stand strong with you, advocating for your child’s rights, and navigating the complexities of the application process.

Sometimes, when a child has a birth-related injury that makes them eligible for disability benefits, there may also be a claim for a medical malpractice case stemming from a medical mistake made during birth. Rest assured, both Shipon Law Associates and our associated firms have the expertise to handle both aspects of your case.

Medical Malpractice Settlements

Our network of dedicated medical malpractice attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation to build a strong case for your child.

Our approach ensures that your child’s future needs, medical care, rehabilitation, and other essential resources are adequately addressed.

Take the First Step Towards Justice

📞Contact us at 215-708-1234 to schedule your free consultation. There is never a fee until we win your case.

Navigating a Personal Injury Case: Understanding the Typical Stages

Navigating a Personal Injury Case_ Understanding the Typical Stages

At Shipon Law Associates, we believe in empowering our clients with knowledge about the personal injury legal process. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, here’s a concise breakdown of the typical stages you can expect in a personal injury case:

  • Initial Consultation:
    • Meet with an experienced personal injury attorney.
    • Discuss the details of your case and provide relevant documentation.
    • Receive an evaluation of the potential merits and challenges of your claim.
  • Investigation:
    • Gather evidence, including accident reports, photographs, witness statements, and medical records.
    • Consult with experts, such as accident reconstruction specialists or medical professionals.
    • Establish liability by proving negligence or fault.
  • Medical Treatment:
    • Seek necessary medical care and follow the prescribed treatment plan.
    • Document your injuries, treatments, and any related expenses.
    • Obtain medical records and reports to support your claim.
  • Demand and Negotiation:
    • Prepare a demand letter outlining the extent of your injuries, damages, and financial losses.
    • Engage in negotiations with the opposing party or insurance company.
    • Work towards a fair settlement that adequately compensates you for your losses.
  • Litigation (if necessary):
    • File a lawsuit within the statute of limitations if settlement negotiations fail. In most cases, for an adult, this is a 2-year window within Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
    • Engage in the discovery process, including gathering evidence and witness testimonies.
    • Present your case before a judge or jury, if it proceeds to trial.
  • Settlement or Judgment:
    • Reach a settlement agreement that satisfies both parties, avoiding trial.
    • If the case proceeds to trial, await a verdict from the judge or jury.
    • Obtain compensation for your injuries and damages based on the settlement or judgment.
  • Post-Trial Proceedings (if applicable):
    • Handle any appeals or post-trial motions, if necessary.
    • Assist with enforcing the settlement or judgment to ensure timely compensation.

Throughout these stages, our dedicated team at Shipon Law Associates will guide and support you, providing legal expertise, personalized attention, and relentless advocacy. All questions are welcome and encouraged, as we always say: ‘no question is a bad question’.

Remember, every personal injury case is unique, and timelines can vary. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your specific situation and learn how we can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Quick note: This blog post provides a general overview of typical stages in a personal injury case and should not be considered legal advice. It is important to consult with an attorney for personalized guidance regarding your specific case.