What To Do Immediately After a Slip and Fall Accident in a Store or an Apartment Complex

If you or a loved one slipped and fell in a store, apartment, city property or street and were injured, if possible at the time of the incident try to take photographs of the exact spot that caused you to fall and anything that could have contributed to the dangerous condition. For example, if there was a wet spot on the store floor, look around to see if there is a leak perhaps from a freezer, broken bottle or perhaps an ac unit dripping from the ceiling from condensation. Also, report the incident to the manager of a store and get their name. If you were injured, get to the closest emergency room immediately. Also, if you see any witnesses try to get their contact information as well. Finally, call an attorney for an appointment immediately as every day that goes by could affect the case.

How To Improve Your Chances of Winning Your Disability Case

Often times a clients can win or lose their case due to the doctors they are seeing and the tests that are or are not done.  If for example a person has severe back pain and just goes to a primary care doctor and all that doctor does is provide pain medications, most likely the chances of winning will not be great.  If however, a client goes to a primary doctor and then gets referred to specialists and gets all the proper testing to prove that there is, in fact, a severe medical condition that affects workability, the chances of winning will increase. For example, if you have a severe back injury, make sure you get to an orthopedic get an MRI and possibly an EMG (if you have numbness and tingling in arms or legs). 

If you have a severe mental issue, on the other hand, get and stay in mental health treatment if you have not yet done so.  Make sure you are telling your therapist and psychiatrist or psychologist all of your mental issues and the reason you have them.

 Often times a person is afraid to tell the doctor all of there symptoms in the fear it can create a new problem. If your symptoms are not documented in the medical records, it is like a tree falling in the woods when no one is around…no one hears it so it is almost like it never happened.  If your symptoms are not well documented in the medical evidence, most often you don’t have those symptoms in the eyes of the judge and your chances of winning may decrease as a result.